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Understanding the Word

From personal experience, I have struggled reading the Word of God. I tried reading the Bible in order time and time again but once I approached Leviticus and Numbers... my brain is on a whole other planet. (Let's not even bring up Revelation)

I wanted to share with you some helpful tips that have made me more discipled in my time with the Lord.

Just a reminder: The Bible is not meant to be an easy read. This book is filled with much insight and wisdom. Do not allow others to make you feel less worthy of not being able to fully grasp what you read. Heck, I have to reread over and over again and still am left thinking, "what did I just read?"

The majority of my Christian friends still struggle from time and time because of how difficult it can be. That is not an excuse to just give up and shut your Bible. That should be a motivator for you and all who struggle to lean more into the Word.

The Bible is not beyond you. The Bible is a gift from God so that we sinners can bear the fruit and be more like Christ.

Tip #1: Pray for understanding and for all distractions to be removed.

Prayer before diving into the Word is so important. If you just open the Bible like any other book, it's treated just like any other book. But if pray over your reading with the intent of building your faith, the reading will then bring you understanding as to what God has for you.

A quick prayer:


I pray over all that you have in store for me as I dive into your word. I pray my heart to be open and my ears can hear your message. I pray for all distractions to be removed as I much want to value this time together. Help me to understand. Help me to focus and to see the areas in my life that need improvement. Allow me to see you in all I do and to act accordingly to Your Word.

In Jesus name,


Tip #2: Ask questions.

A person that I am constantly asking questions to is my brother. If I am being honest, there were times I was fearful to ask. Just because I have felt in the past that my question is something I should already know. However, I have grown from thinking that way because I now know that is the enemy. The enemy does not want your questions to be answered nor does the enemy want you to gain knowledge on God's Word.

The beauty of God, He, himself tells us to ask Him questions. God wants you to know Him and He wants to know you.

Jeremiah 33:3

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.

* A great way to learn more is to be in community with your fellow Church peers. Join a connect group. Build relations with Pastors or those who have been with the Church for years.

Tip #3: Look for explanations. Invest in Bible Study books or download a helpful app.

Google is a great place to go to. However, I like to steer away from asking Google. You can find great articles, podcasts, sermons, and much more. But, I do like to invest in Bible Study books.

You can find great Bible Study Books on

Some apps to download:

Enduring Word

* I use this app daily! An absolute MUST while studying the Word.

Bible app

* You can read plans that are helpful for the book you are currently reading. If you are reading the Book of Acts, for example, find a reading guide to help you get through the Book.

Tip #4: Read daily.

In order to be good at something, you have to be consistently doing it.

If you are looking to get to know Christ, you have to show up daily. At the end of my days, I want to know that I did all that I could to get to know the person who sacrificed His life for me.



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