The Book

The beginning of each day starts with you. Your words fill my spirit with such love each day. The words you speak bring new understandings every time a page is flipped. Those unanswered prayers get answered just by reading a few words. If it was not for you, I might have wounded up somewhere that has no place for me. You are my favorite book to read and the most precious possession that I own. Not only do you hold knowledge, but, your stories showcase true faith warriors. Each word from you is righteously placed. Knowing that the creator of my life created you overwhelms my soul.

I remember the first time I ever read from you, the season that I was in was not the easiest. I had no idea where to begin, I remember thinking this book has no place for my eyes. I felt defeated just by the sight of you. However, that soon vanished when I began to read how much Jesus loves me. Those simple words brought me what I needed, hope. Becoming a Christian is said to be difficult. Your words remind me to keep pursuing and to remain faithful. I had days when I would turn to you for answers and words would start jumping at me as if it was meant for me.

If I am being honest, sometimes when I read from you, I quickly have to close you and intake all that was said. Conviction begins to consume and I am left feeling hopeless. The truth is not always easy to hear. The beauty behind you, all that was said was sent to strengthen me. The hopelessness that stings me was not from you. Somehow, even with all the time we spend together, the enemy still tries to work in me.

The Bible is the closest contact I get with Jesus. Reading from the Bible allows me to envision Jesus standing beside me and directing me to the exact page he intended for me to read. I never read a book that has the power to touch not only my life but millions of other people. This book is not a self-help book, it is far greater than that.

The best way to describe the Bible, nutrition for a Christian. Without the Bible, a Christian is left feeling empty or dehydrated. Once a Christian reads the word of God, their spirit is refreshed. When a car is running low on fuel it must be filled for the car to run. Believers run the same way. Most times spiritual tanks need to be filled. God gave Jeremiah a way to explain this, “When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty.” (15:16).

For a believer to go through life, having the Bible makes the world less alarming. The days that do not seem to make sense, all align when this precious book reminds us that Jesus’ love is unfailing. This book provides promises to believers that eternity is determined by our time on this earth.



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