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SHOP OPENS: September 1, 2020

I am excited to announce I am starting my own Etsy shop! WOOT WOOT! For the longest, I have always wanted to create a boutique for Christian Jewelry. I told myself to stop letting it be pushed another year or months and to just do it. I am very passionate about creating something with meaning. Each piece is designed based on bible verse, life lesson, positive saying, or what Christ means to me.

Each item is handmade. I stamp each letter one by one. The reason I decided to go into stamping jewelry was because it made me think about how Christ made a stamp in our lives. Some stamps maybe a little faded or crooked but that showcases the beauty of it. Christ looks at our imperfections and calls them beautiful. That is why I wanted to hand-make each piece. The effort into making something and being able to look at the piece and still call it beautiful even with a minor flaw. (I am not saying every piece has imperfections LOL but just in case you order an item and see a faded letter or crooked letter)

As I mentioned, I always wanted to have my own boutique. The enemy planted in my brain for years that I could not do it or that I knew nothing about making jewelry. I dedicate this shop to the girl who gave up on her dream of doing something she was passionate about. Sis, go and do it! (or bro)

Shop Name: @stampedbysis

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Shop Link:

Opens @ 10am EST



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