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Starting a Small Business

Advice to new businesses!

Every thought about starting your own small business? I wanted to share some tips with you in creating the dream business you always wanted to do. I am no expert, however, I would love to share with you tips I believe could be useful for someone that is at the beginning stages. I have learned a lot just in 9 months. I am sure I still have a lot to learn but I am trusting the process.

Tip 1: Define your brand.

Some questions to ask yourself before starting:

What will you be selling?

Is there a large market out there already for the products you will be selling?

What made you want to create the brand?

What inspires you to create?

If someone were to ask you about your brand, how would you describe it to them?

For example, I sell stamped jewelry. I can easily just say that but I sell more than just stamped jewelry. I sell stamped jewelry that is Christian-based, meaningful sayings, and custom options. I was inspired to create Stamped by Sis because of my faith. I want to create jewelry that allows the wearer to feel something and feel inspired by each piece.

If you are selling clothing, ask yourself: why am I selling clothing? Do I just love fashion or does each piece of clothing represent a certain style?

Tip 2: Create Logo | Figure out where you will be selling | Make Social Media Accounts

Decided to do 3 in one because all of these go together!

When you have the vision of your small business. It is now time to create! The fun part!

Create a logo that you can easily transfer everywhere. On business cards, marketing supplies. Canva has GREAT templates that you can use for free.

(Highly recommend investing in Canva pro! )

Where will you be selling? For me, the best option was Etsy. Etsy is very easy to use. I can do a whole blog just about Etsy! Pros and cons.

Or you may have the idea in your head that you wanted to create your website and that is great! However, creating an online store is very hard to build traffic sales when it is just a website, unlike Etsy that customers already know about Etsy and can find your shop through Etsy. Etsy already has an audience, which helps and also doesn’t at the same time.

A lot of things to think about, figure out what is best for you! You can easily do well through Etsy and you can easily do well with your site. (Marketing is key!)


Ahhhh! Social media is your BEST FRIEND!

When you first launch your small business, take advantage of social media! Social media can be very time-consuming, which in my opinion, is the worst. But, it is so rewarding.

I would recommend a month before you launch the small business that you HYPE UP on social media your brand. Share what you will be selling, sneak peeks, packaging, and you creating the products.

It is very easy to not be consistent with social media. I learned you HAVE to post daily. I would rather have people get sick of seeing my posts than forget I have a business.

I use Instagram the most. This has been great for my business, it has gained me sales. Create a Facebook page, for your business. You can link ALL your Instagram posts. In my opinion, it saves you a ton of time. Another great platform, Tik Tok. We can all dream that one video goes viral and our small business sells out. I try to post 1/2 times a day on Tik Tok just so people can see I am being consistent. There is also Pinterest, which I know I need to work more on.

As you can see, social media is like a whole other job! The key to people seeing your products... posts daily!

Tip 3: Track your spendings!

This by far is probably the #1 thing you need to be constantly doing!

Create a budget!!!

Having a small business you can get carried away in all the things that you have to purchase. It is VERY easy to overspend.

Packaging Supplies

Product Inventory



Storage for Products

Tools that make the products

This list can go on!

Make sure you track everything that you buy. Each month give yourself a budget. Set how much you will be spending on each category. The supplies, marketing, packaging, new inventory, etc.

The best piece of advice, create a binder! I found a great business binder template off of Etsy that is a live saver! I track just about everything I am doing in that binder.

OR make a digital planner and track your expenses on a spreadsheet. I rather write things down but that is just my preference.

Tip 4: Be patient.

For me, this has been the hardest piece of advice. Some weeks are better than others and you can see your hard work paying off. However, some days… are just hard. Your shop may feel like a ghost town. You may be doing everything in your power to drive in sales and the outcome is just waiting. Be patient. The right audience will come. Use that time for creating. Plan new collections, post on social media and just be optimistic.

I have had days that I just simply wanted to give up and close the shop (thank God that didn’t happen). On those days, remind yourself why you started. It may be slow now but just think about all the effort and good days you did have and will have. I pray every single day for my business and what the slow days have taught me… I trust God with my business.

Tip 5: Decided what is good outside noise.

By that, opinions of others. I consider my business to be Christian-based. It is a VERY tough niche. My brand is not just for only Christians, however, I can see how people who do not share the same faith as me will think they are let out. This is NOT the case. I create jewelry that has biblical meaning but also inspiration sayings. My goal for my business is not to make people think I am throwing a religion on them, more so, for uplifting and sharing God’s love.

There are also times, people could have an opinion on your business. Which is great! Listen to what others recommend but you as the owner do not have to take consideration to everything.

I love to watch videos and read about other small businesses that have success in order for my business to grow.

There could also be times, people do not believe in your business or think it will succeed. The best piece of advice for that… SHOW THEM.

If your business does not produce high sales the 1st year, but you are working your butt off to make it happen… cancel that noise out. It is so easy to let people’s negative opinions affect you. A handful of people in my life have told me, “why don’t you just get a normal job?”

My advice: Just keep going and trust the process.



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