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Past Thoughts

We can’t look back at what we didn’t do or already did. We can only look at what we are going to do.

Regret or feelings of the past can hold a huge part of our present self. When things didn’t happen the way you expected them to be, it can cause emotional regret or stubborn outlooks.

Coming from experience, I sometimes allow my past to be apart of my present by thinking about “if only I did this differently” or “if only I didn’t do that.”

Some thoughtful advice, think about your future self talking to your current self. Your future self will have some wisdom as to how to help you grow not letting things that are old become what God wants to call new. My current self would tell younger me a whole lot! Your past doesn’t define you. God calls us just as we are. Not who we were.



May you continue to use me where you have me. I pray that things of this world are not my focus. I pray that my past does not lead me to where you have not called me. Guide me where you want me. Allow my heart to be filled with hope of the future and stray me away from regretful feelings and things that can not be undone. Forgive me for I am a sinner of this world and let me be reminded not to fear when thoughts of the past comes back.




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