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Not sure what to title this...

Within the last week or so I have just been off. I have not been okay but I am okay? If that makes sense. I feel as if I am not good at expressing how I feel anymore. With a global pandemic, spending most of my time at home does not help. I feel as if I am praying the same prayers over and over again and I just feel as if my life is in a slump. When things start to go well, something comes up. If I am being honest, a lot of things have just been coming up.

The best way I can describe how I have been feeling is the picture above. The waves don't look too bad but the sky is misty and if you were in a boat, you would not be able to tell what's far ahead.

The message I am trying to make here: if you are feeling something close to what I am feeling... you are not alone. Things will get better. Just have to give it time.

With love,


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