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Since we are now stuck at home due to COVID-19, I put together a few things to keep us busy in our faith. Instead of wasting this time taking naps or binge watching Netflix, let's be productive in our faith! Due to the Covid-19 virus I unfortunately lost my job. After hearing that news I became very stressed and fearful. I was reminded by a good friend of mine how great God is and this new season that we are all in is an great way to see what God can do for us. The first thing that popped in my mind was my blog. Due to work, school and just life in general my blog was abandoned. I am going to use this time to grow more in faith and give my blog the love it deserves.


Pull out those neon pens and pastel markers! Bible journaling makes reading the Bible more entertaining and I feel more focused on the word when I am doodling or writing a verse that stood out to me.


> The case for Christ

> God's not dead (1 & 2)

> The passion of the Christ

> I can only Imagine

> Miracles from Heaven

> Same Kind of Different as Me ( I CRIED! )


> Maverick City Music

> Hillsong Worship

> Elevation Worship

> Cody Carnes

> Cory Asbury

> Lauren Daigle


I recently started listening to podcasts. I normally listen to podcasts when I am getting ready or when I am doing homework. It is just a great way to tune in and listen to something other than music. Listening to podcast is a great way to start your day!

Here are a couple podcasts I have been tuning into:

> Women of Worth - Lexie Thiery (lifestyle, women empowerment)

> As For Me and My House - Jordan and Milena (relationships, lifestyle)

> Bridgetown Church (sermons)

> Elevation Church (sermons)

> Vous Church (sermons)

> Transformation Church (sermons)


Sarah Jakes Roberts Hosanna Wong Heather Lindsey

One of my good friends sent me a video of Sarah Jakes Roberts preaching a word. I listened to it as I was taking a shower and in the middle of shampooing my hair I had to pause and praise God for the word she was preaching. You can just hear her passion and love of God.

Hosanna Wong was a speaker at a women's conference that I attended. She is mostly known for spoken word. All I have to say for her is WOW. She did spoken word and KILLED it!

Heather Lindsey was also at the women's conference. Her sermon was so relatable and she was so easy to connect with. In the beginning of the new year she created a free 30 day devotional and each day reading her words was just a breath of fresh air.


Mike Todd Steven Furtick T.D. Jakes

I found Mike Todd on youtube because of his series "relationship goals." I watched that series in my season of singleness and it was exactly what I needed to motivate me for me to feel less alone and more focused on God.

When I first started listening to worship music I was listening to elevation worship. I remember googling elevation worship and it took me to Steven Furtick preaching a word and I from there I started binge watching Steven Furtick's sermons.

T.D. Jakes is a pastor I just recently found on instagram. I saw someone repost one of his instagram tv posts and I clicked it and it was exactly what I needed during the storm I was just in.


Due to the virus, churches have cancelled services in person but we are still able to view the service online. Be sure to tune in and view the service at the designated time. Remember, church is not about where you meet, it is about coming together as Christ followers to worship His name.

Stay safe, healthy and be kind to one another.

If you have any prayer request head over to the connect page and message me!



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