In a rut

A couple of months back, this is how my workspace looked. I spent most of my days writing and following the calling I felt God had drawn me to. Yet, something happened.

I lost the sense of who I am. I no longer could write. I remember spending hours just erasing and re-writing and staring at a blank page hoping all of a sudden thoughts would just pop in my head and I would get back in the grove.

My focus was in conflict. Once I started a business, my workspace became my priority. My workspace was covered with jewelry and packaging supplies. There was no room for my laptop. I tried writing in my bed but let’s be honest… that never really works out.

My life for the last couple of years has been dedicated to writing and now that I have a business that I am obsessed with… I lost my balance.

It had me thinking about priority.

What are you prioritizing that has slowed down your walk?

For me, it’s my writing. I envisioned completing a book before 2020 was over. Yet, fear has eaten that book up. On the days that I had no thoughts, I felt as if I was not a good enough writer. On the days when my writing was garbage, I felt like there was not a point in me continuing the book.

I gave up.

But, I gave up on the one thing that saved my life… writing.

My writing is what brought me the closest to Christ. I never write just to write, I write for the purpose of speaking the Word of God.

I am struggling with my writing not because I have nothing to say but because I allowed fear to conduct my purpose.

I love words. I love words that hold meaning and that is why I created my jewelry business.

But, I do not want to get off track of what matters to me and I do not want to lose the one thing that has grown me into the person I am.

Tips to get back in the grove:

( that I most definitely need )

Make a schedule.

Stick to the schedule.

Spend more time in the Word.

Even on your bad days, do what you can.

It is okay to have bad days.

Just keep going.



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