Growing up Tori always believed in God. She was raised catholic. Attended CCD, (Sunday school) completed her communion and conformation. She made sure she prayed every night and tried to talk to God every time she could.

There was never really a connection though. It wasn’t until she was about 19 years old that she started taking God more seriously. She started attending Potential Church and the connection starting forming, the seeds that were being planted started blossoming.

Pastor Troy would always speak and challenge everyone. He would say, you could not marry someone who did not have the same beliefs as you because friction would be present and more consistent. Raising kids would be hard, tithing would be hard and being a women of God in general would be hard with someone who was not on the same page.

In 2016, Tori married Tony. Tony believed in God, same as Tori. He was raised catholic and attending CCD (that’s where they met) but he was just in a very distant place away from God. Convictions about him not attending or believing in that moment started to weigh down heavily.

She started inviting him Sunday after Sunday and finally he said... YES. He came on the perfect Sunday because it was about money, the thing he was MOST interested in. The only thing he was concentrating on day in and day out.

After that day it was like a snowball effect. They started attending together, tithing, believing whole heartedly and thriving in and with God. They both felt the nudge into ministry as a full time thing and now they’re happily involved in youth ministries learning and growing and helping raise up the next generation.

Tony one day will be the pastor he never thought he’d be and she’ll be right alongside him. The transitions were hard and still are, with family adjustments and some not understanding what exactly we do or why but they know it’s where they need to be. 

"Thank you God for taking us right where we needed to be, with you, in your house."

-Tori Albano

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