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Priscilla was raised in a Christian household and her whole life she attended church frequently, learning the word of God and following Him as she went through life. However, when she started high school her family began going to a new church and she didn’t enjoy it. She didn’t understand the word that the pastor was speaking, she became distant from church. Priscilla knew she wanted to go to church because she knew it was important to have a relationship with God.

About two years ago Priscilla experienced her first anxiety attack, one of the scariest experiences she had gone through. Her mom has anxiety and knew it would be a good idea for her to start going to therapy to help her cope with the anxiety. She was so nervous and scared at first and didn’t really want to go because it made her feel like something was “wrong” with her.

Priscilla did end up having the courage to go with her mom. It changed her life from that point on. Her therapist kept talking about God and bringing up bible verses and then something truly amazing and inspirational happened... at the end of the hour-long therapy session he asked her if could pray for her. She truly just wanted to burst out into tears. In that moment, she knew she couldn’t go through anxiety alone and not only did she need therapy but more importantly, she needed God.

Priscilla knew it was time for her to start following in His footsteps again. It was after that therapy session that she began reading the bible again and attending church regularly. She feels like her relationship with God now has been the strongest as ever. She knows her faith will just continue to grow from here on out. Priscilla attends church every Wednesday and Sunday and is involved in a connect group with amazing individuals who have impacted her life for the better.

Being able to go to a church that you call “home” and feeling welcomed and loved, there is not greater feeling then that.

Deep down in her heart she feels like she has anxiety because God knew she would be strong enough to conquer it. At first, she was a bit upset at the fact that she had anxiety but then she realized there was no reason to be ashamed of having anxiety. Priscilla began to realize that going through it and learning how to cope and deal with anxiety could help others who are going through the same battle.

She is a strong believer that everything in life happens for a reason. She does believe this happened to her to bring her closer to God. He knew she was becoming distance and losing her way.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6.

Priscilla is thankful for her mom for encouraging her to go to therapy because she knew how much of an impact it would have. To her therapist for helping her through such a difficult season her my life. Most of all, extremely blessed for God for never leaving her side and helping her find her way back to Him because He knew she needed His guidance in life.

"We go through difficult times in life which only make us stronger individuals, just remember you are never alone and God is only a prayer away." 


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