This past summer, I was a youth leader for a Christian summer camp. Countless amounts of times I prayed for this camp prior to the arrival. I prayed that God could use me in miraculous ways to speak to these kids. When camp finally approached, I felt unprepared.

God knew my heart was not fully prepared but each day He made me prepared. I remember the first day, I was challenged. I had a student approached me as we were waiting for the buses. He told me he was not sure he wanted to go. He was ready to call his mom and ask to be picked up. All I can think was this student is going to miss out on the best opportunity of his life. So I did what my heart told me to do, I poured out to him. I felt as if God was speaking through. This was my first camp as well, I just believed that Jesus Christ would change this student in an unexplainable way. And He did. He agreed to get on that bus and I watched this student have the best experience of his life.


We have all asked this question… “Why?”

Why is God making me go through this?

Why would God take this away this from me?


Those moments when you are catch yourself asking “why” is the best opportunity to let the Holy Spirt in. We are damaged. I can not answer as to why God made you go through what you went through.

But I can tell you this, I went through what I went through to speak some Godly wisdom in those kids.

If Jesus was able to rescue the apostles from the trenchers waters, He CAN rescue our everyday storms.

For just one moment, look at what He’s already done. Look at who you are. Look how He helped you overcome the storm. I am sure you still have pain. I wont lie, I have dealt with some heavy storms.

Relational storms.

Emotional storms.

The reason for pain, it always comes from a source. Whether it be within ourselves or another individual.


I personally have dealt with some difficult relationships. Broken friendships, hard heart breaks and unfortunate family circumstances.

I think of friendship as, God always places people in our lives for a reason. He can easily take friends out of your life once they have done what God needed them to.

Maybe your friends have talked bad about you.

Maybe your friends ditched you.

Maybe your friends have stolen or robbed joy from you.

God put you through that pain to prepare you for the blessings.

For instance, look at the friends you have in your life as of now. I am sure those who you trust with your life are from lessons you’ve learned from. You chose them. You knew that you wouldn’t of allowed yourself to be vulnerable to them if it wasn’t for the trials you’ve faced from your previous friends.

As for heart breaks, breakups are never easy. Being hurt by someone you felt connected to is honestly the WORST. In the moments of the pain, I have felt as my heart will never heal from this pain. But it does. As the days go one, you’ll notice.

Remain faithful in the moments of brokenness and I assure you God is working all things out. He is lifting us when we are in the darkest of dark. Light overpowers darkness. Shine your light and glorify the name of Jesus.

Lastly, family… to me that is the hardest relational pain. I think of my mom every time I think of the word healing. My mom does not even realize how strong she is. I have seen pain in her eyes and hurting on her heart. Her and I sometimes do not always see eye to eye on things but sometimes I have to stop being so selfish and understand why. My mom has dealt with a lot of burdens and trials and she still remains wholesome. Sometimes the closest people in your life need to know that you are there. I lack that in the relationship with my mom. That is something both of us have to heal from. My family isn’t an award winning family. But they are my family and that is what God has blessed me with. Despite what all of us have been through, we are family and I am truly blessed for each of them.


Throughout camp, God worked on my own heart. Prior to camp, I was dealing with personal issues. But I managed to forget about me for once and focus on these kids for just one week.

My favorite part of camp was team time. Team time allowed us to be vulnerable with each other.

The girls on my team really healed me from my emotional storm. Each night a pastor would speak and sent us questions to ask once we left to go into team time. One of the questions was in regards to how we see ourselves. As I listened to the girls respond I realized how alike we were. Each girl explained her insecurities, lack of self love and depression.

I could not help but relate and share my story. I remember God working in me in that moment. While each girl was explaining their pain I was praying. I prayed and asked God for answers because I was personally dealing with the same issues.

I remember asking my other team leader, Timmy for us to split up. He takes the boys and I take the girls. I was so nervous to see what God was about to do but oh man did God do something. I opened up. I began to speak to these girls but also to myself. I told the girls to circle around me and grab someone. Then I began to pray.

That moment…

I heard pain.

I heard sobbing.

I heard the name of Jesus.

But what sticked with me the most,

I heard healing.

I had a few one-on-ones with a couple of girls that I felt God nudging me to talk to. Those one-on-ones were something I will cherish forever. Those one-on-ones built me up. Those one-on-ones healed some broken wounds. Those one-on-ones gave hope in the hearts of those girls.

The following day, I was approached by a few other girls who did not open up to me. Sometimes we hid the pain because we are afraid of what others will see or think of us.

God so graciously let me handle some of their burdens. I had conversations about suicide, loss of a loved one, abuse, sexual confusion and things I never imagined to hear come out of a middle school student.

You never know what someone is truly going through.

Losing a person that made an impacted.

Being diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Depression, stress and anxiety.





Emotional storms bring out the worst in people. Emotional pain causes distance from God. You’ll lose faith because you believe that this is God’s doing but in reality the enemy is written all over your misery.

God created us to be able to deal with spiritual-crushing. The enemy want to rob everything from you. Just as the story of Job, Job lost everything. The enemy decided to test God. Job was a faithful servant. God blessed him with wealth, family and land. The enemy just figured that the only reason Job was a faithful servant was because God blessed him with these gifts. God allowed the enemy to test Job.

Job lost his family, his land, his wealth and his health. Yet through all of that devastation, he still remained faithful to God.

I always think of the story of Job when I feel like I am being tried. I may not know the answer as to why certain things happen but I know with God I CAN overcome all things.

We can always get out of whatever storm we are in. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves. The past is the past, we can not change what is already done.

Every time I walk into the youth building at church I see most of the girls that I spoke with. I see a new sort of purpose and passion. I see overwhelming joy and thankfulness.

We have a choice. We either overcome the pain or we live in the pain. If you want to experience all the blessing that God promises, let the Holy Spirit consume you.



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