Fun Fact/Sad Fact: I do not know how to swim!

Before you say anything, Yes... I know. I have heard it all especially for someone that lives in South Florida.

When I was younger, I was invited to a friend's pool party and little naive Diana still managed to walk alongside the pool and I knew that I can NOT swim. I so happened to slip right in and began drowning, I was in the deep end. Plus, I am quite short so you can just imagine!

I remember not knowing what to do at all! I probably began screaming underneath the water and thinking no one is going to save me. Yet, a hand grabbed me and carried me out. What a relief!

I am currently going through a similar situation now, however, I am above ground. And frankly, lately, it just feels like I am drowning. Day in and Day out, I just feel like I am getting dragged underneath the surface.

Life is just dragging me down. Luckily, because of my faith, I have an oxygen tank on. It just feels like I am running on empty. One thing after another, things just keep happening. It just feels like I can not take a minute and catch my own breath.

Have you ever felt like that?

Just hoping that something is coming to save you and grab you out of the pool.

When you are going through a season, it honestly feels as if there is a sort of death lingering around. It can feel like you are in a fog when things are just not going as planned. Maybe, God is taking out things, people, or ungodliness desires within yourself to grant you His promises. Most of the time, when we are facing trials, we clench onto the hope of the past. That can be a really bad place to stay in.

Think of the past as a smaller shoe size. In time, size 5 once severed you a purpose but now you've grown out of size 5 and need to move onto size 6. The size that fits your current self! If you stay one size down, it can feel uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. In the same way, there will be moments in life that are unfitting. You can either size up and fit the new shoe or you can stay in the pain and stick with the old shoe.

During the transition in going to the new shoe size, there is growth happening. You see, you did not realize when you were one size too small that God is preparing you for your next season. Even though, you may want to stick with your old shoe because maybe you liked how it looked or you were comfortable with it... God is calling you into something bigger and greater.

I mentioned, that I was saved from when I was drowning. Every time when I have been knocked out and dragged down, prayer is my number one lifeguard. God is ready to come and grab you out of the deep end! Are you going to extend your hand to him?



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