"Don't be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil." -Proverbs 3:7

Lately, I have let a lot of distractions led me away from pursuing what God has designed me to do. I have just been feeling like the relationship I have with God has not been as strong as it used to. But that is my fault.

I get distracted very easily. I could be having a serious conversation with someone and then my mind goes else where (not the best idea). Or I could be doing something and then I think of something else so I drop what I am doing at the moment and do that something else (also not a good idea).

Life is busy and God understands that, situations happen. It is how we handle the situation God throws at us. It could be a new relationship, maybe God wants to see how you handle the new relationship He placed in your life and then it's all about him or her and you lost sight on what God has blessed you with. Or maybe it's a new job, now all your days are filled with work. Or maybe you are drowned with school work.

The problem: We let new things in our life distracted us from seeing the blessing.

The solution: Keep prioritizing God because of the blessing.

Sadly, I have not been prioritizing God. I let distraction ruin priority.

What are you prioritizing?

Personally, I feel as my main focuses have been work and relationships. Which isn't a bad thing. But where does God go into the mix? At work I could be the light and spread my love for God in anyway necessary. With my relationships, God needs to be in center of each relationship.

Since I have been distracted lately, my poor blog has been real lonely. Sis Preach It, isn't preaching it. Again, that is my fault. I know where my time goes.

The best thing to led you away from distractions, is realizing you have been distracted.

When I was driving home last night, I felt the nudge to pray. I did not realize how much I needed God until I got home because as soon as I pulled in the driveway I said "Amen". Because I do not know how people pray and drive, normally when I am in the car and I am praying I get EASILY distracted. A song could come on that I love and I just start jamming out or the car in front of me cuts me off and I get irritated. I then lose focus on what I was originally doing...praying. That is why I was in shock yesterday because for the whole car ride back home I was praying. No distractions.

It had me thinking once I came back home that God needs to be my #1 priority.

When was the last time God was your #1 priority?

I started doodling in my journal and I realized 2 things: I need to plan out my life better and I need to started journaling again. I could not tell you the last time I picked up a journal and a pen.

When I used to journal and plan out my day, those were the day I was most connected to God. I set goals and I made God the priority in my life. I had no distractions. Yes, I was working and still managed relationships. What changed? I did. I let the enemy distract me into thinking that Diana knows everything and that "I got this."

But in reality, I don't "got this" and I need God more than anything. It is weird to say but I need to go back to my old ways, I look up to the girl who would do bible studies before she went to bed. The girl who planned her days out in advance so she can figure out when she could post a blog or when there will be time for her to read a book and do a devotional.

I never left. Just a bit distracted but finding her way back.


The old Diana.

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