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Bruised not Broken

On the blog, I can get vulnerable with you all with what's been happening in my life. Never would I have thought I'd be writing a blog about the time I was hit by a car while walking to enter a store.

Unfortunately, it's a true story. This past Sunday, I walking to enter Lowe's and as soon as I was crossing the street to enter the building I see a car approaching me. In my mind, I was like "this is not happening, the car is going to stop right?" Well no. I ended up being on top of the hood of the car.

Thankfully, I was able to slide off the car and was able to stand on my two feet. My adrenaline kicked in and I could not say anything other than "I'm fine." The driver asked me about 10 times if I was okay and to just sit down. However, all I had to say was "I'm fine."

The day went on and the pain started to get to me. My left leg was hit pretty bad. I had to end up going to urgent care because every movement in my leg was excruciating. I knew my leg was not broken because I was walking on it. However, my inner thigh felt as if someone was stomping on my muscle.

The doctor examined at my leg and said, "bruised not broken."

Which led me to write this blog. Aren't we all a little bruised at times? We use the words "I'm fine" to avoid how we are truly feeling. Sometimes we say we are fine because we get worried about the other person. I could not even imagine if the role was flipped. The driver was in shock. I felt the fear in his voice which caused me to feel less about me and comfort the driver by saying "I'm fine."

When you are bruised you don't see the bruise right away, it takes time for the bruise to develop. That's what happens when we ignore issues. We allow the pain to remain and later on, we see how bad the problem was by looking at the bruise.

When something breaks, you can't fix what is already broken. You can try to repair it or replace it with something new but it will never go back to what it once was.

On the day of the accident, I kept replaying and replaying it in my head. I could just space out and rewatch it in my head. I knew that was not healthy for me and I needed to let go of something that I did not have control over. God was in control of that whole situation. When I was hit the first thing that came out of my mouth was "Oh my God." In the past, whenever I would hear or witness something dramatic or tragic I would say "Oh my God." Later on, I stopped saying that because I know the power in speaking God's name. When I was hit by the car, I needed God at that moment and I am grateful that he heard me.

This accident was not meant to cause me real pain. This accident made me realize a lot about myself and life. Life is too short to hold back how you feel. God has a purpose for my life. It is terrifying to know that day could have been my last day on earth if the accident was worse than what it was. Just because we are little bruised or broken does not mean God is done with you. He's just molding you into who He created you to be.

Be blessed,


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