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Book of Psalms (26-30)

Hey friends,

Psalms is one of my favorite books in the bible. My life verse comes from Psalms (46:5). Each week, I will be posting 5 chapters at a time.

Disclaimer: My Bible is NLT. I will be referencing from NTL for the most part but for better understanding I may switch to a different translation. I will be sharing how I view the word and what God is speaking to me as I read.

Let’s jump into the word!

I loved these 5 chapters! A couple of things stood out to me: 1. God tests our hearts to glorify Him. What are your motives? Are they genuine? Am I being all of what God has called me to be? 2. Wait patiently for the Lord, He knows when the time is right. Sometimes I catch myself praying the same prayer over and over again just hoping that I do not have to keep saying the same thing. However, I know my prayers will be answered. Just not on my time. God hears you. 3. Be loud with your faith. Bring praises to his name. Let it be known that you are serving the Almighty God! 4. How are we honoring His name? Are you studying the word? Serving the Lord? Praying? Tithing? Taking advantage of opportunities to talk about Jesus? 5. I think nature is filled with such wisdom. Anytime I sit outside and just doze off, I find myself truly embracing God's creation. Those are the moments when God speaks to me the most. 6. Even in the darkest time, He still finds us. 7. Listen to God's voice! He is talking to you for a reason. If you feel the Holy Spirit, allow your ears to listen. Maybe it is a message you are listening to or advice from a friend. God is using resources to get to you. 8. Joy comes in the morning. Bring thanks to His name. Start your day with hope. Bring Christ along with you from the moment you rise to the moment you rest. My favorite verse from this reading was Psalm 29: 4; "The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic." To listen to the voice of the Lord means we have to be willing to listen. There are times we can be stubborn or selfish and turn away what God is trying to tell us. However, I know that we are all sinners and Jesus knew that we could not live a pure life of righteousness. Which is why He gave up His life for us. BUT, we should not allow our spirit to be beaten by the flesh. The enemy badly wants us to turn back to the person you were before you allowed Christ in your life. Temptation is the enemy's strongest warrior. With the spirit, we can turn away from any desire or want.

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