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Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

- Joshua 1:9

I just wanted to share a story with you all about something that happened to me today. Lately, I have been trying to get in shape. I felt as this quarantine was a good opportunity for me to achieve personal goals for myself. One of them happened to be being physically active. I used to be a dancer and I always motivated or pushed my abilities to see how far I could go. Once I stopped dancing I lost that attitude. After my days of dance, I did not get into the grove of working out again. I started gaining weight and I lost trying to better myself. I always heard people say to start being active now so you can always have the drive to keep going. Since this quarantine started, I have been trying to work out. I managed to go a whole week and 3 days of straight working out, however, I knew that was not realistic for me. Within this month of being on lockdown, I tried to give myself and my body enough time to relax and just put a routine together that can work for me. My older sister works out like every day, she is someone who I can go to workout advice, ways to eating healthy or just anything fitness related. We have worked out together during this quarantine and I noticed that I am trying hard to push myself because of her abilities. I know I am not where she is because she has dedicated years of being active and I am just started to get the hang of things. Today was a learning experience for me. We went on a run and mind you, she and I went on runs together before but I am always trying to catch my breath and I just need my moments to pause and walk it off a bit. I do not enjoy running but I am trying to train my mind to like it. I have been wanting to lose a couple of pounds and I knew running was a great way to start. However, today I was determined to run without stopping and to just keep going. I put on some praise and worship music and just tried. I pushed so hard. I only managed to stop and catch my breath only for a couple of seconds and keep going. Before this, if I knew I was tired I would just walk the rest. There came a point when I was fighting with the enemy in my head. I told myself I can do it over and over again, I honestly almost started crying because I was determined to push myself. I told myself to think my house was heaven and just run to the father. I think that motivated me to PUSH. When I got home, I felt so accomplished. I almost started to cry because of how proud I was of myself. However, after my sister and I decided to continue working out and do some leg workouts outside. I knew how tired I was but I wanted to try. After we finished the first workout, I felt it. I felt so uncomfortable and felt sick to my stomach. I rushed inside and threw up (TMI). I felt dehydrated and extremely hot. I just sat on the bathroom floor praying for this pain to go away. After, I got myself together and thought about how I can make this situation positive. I was so proud of myself and being able to accomplish something I have hoped one day I could have done. However, it takes work and practice. It takes getting uncomfortable to be comfortable. I know so many people who can run miles nonstop and it makes me embarrassed that I can not. But, I should not allow myself to compare someone else's hard work with my unwillingness to push before. I am sure those people who run like it is nothing worked hard to get to the area of comfortability. I pushed because I knew I could do it. After I began to feel sick, I may have pushed myself harder than my level of comfort. You know yourself better than anyone. It is important to know what you can handle and what may need practice. I knew I could push myself because I allowed God to take control of the situation I was dealing with. When I kept saying, "I can't do it, I am tired" God managed to show up and push me to a place I did not know I could get to. I believe there are areas of improvement and ways to allow yourself to push healthily and not feel like you need to be the best of the best. Give yourself the ability to be the best version of who God created you to be. Do not feel like you need to compare yourself to someone else's journey because of how far invested they are in and you are just getting started. Push yourself but allow areas for growth. You can find comfort in the things you are comfortable doing, but, do not forget to push yourself for success. If you are only used to walks, then walk, maybe walk the extra mile. If you are someone like me who is trying to find enjoyment out of running, do not over push it. It takes practice and knowing your body, push when you know you can. Or if you are physically active, push yourself and discover new ways to improve your strengths. There is always room for growth. Push forward and keep running the race.



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