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What a year it’s been. A lot has happened. To sum it up I decided to go back to memory lane and tell you about the memories of 2019.

In January, I was on a self-love journey. I started off the year strong by loving the person I am. It wasn’t easy but I managed to love me and appreciate who I am.

February-March, I went on a few adventure with some friends.

April-May, I met a lot of new friends. I became a youth leader and started getting really involved with church. I also published my blog in May!

June, I went to a summer camp with church and I fell in love with Jesus even more. I learned so much about me and discovered God’s true love.

July-August, difficult months for me. I was sorta lost and confused about a lot of things.

Septemeber, I started getting back in the groove and started going after joy.

October-November, probably the best months of the entire year. I had so many happy memories throughout those two months. Cherishing those months.

December, started off amazing… but ended no so well.

I guess my hope for 2020 is to build Diana up. I am currently going through a situation I wish I did not have to go through again. I know there is a reason for this season and I am praying God can help me through it. I have such high hopes for this new year. I do not have a new years resolution but I do have faith. Faith in the fact that with God I can do all things. Faith in the fact that I have realized that I have fallen and faith that God is picking me up to do this thing that’s called life.

Praying over the new year and that everyone has an amazing 2020. We got this.

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