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If I am being honest, sometimes when I shower I need an extra few minutes. Not because I need to rinse off the soap but because I need a breather.

When I had a long day or the day I had did not go as expected, all I want to do is take a shower. I do not know what it is about showers but as the water falls so does tears sometimes. 

All the worries in the world come closed into a tight space.

The thing about showers, you never know what to expect when you are going to shower.

One shower you can be singing “Single Ladies” and the next shower you can be praying so deep that you fall to your knees as the water falls down your back. 

To me, showers can feel like a safe place.

It is a hideaway to express how you feel. 

But, one thing that you need to be reminded of is that no matter where you are, if you feel guilty, sad, upset, or angry… the Lord is your safe place. 

You do not need to wait until you have to take a shower to express to God how you feel. He is everywhere. All the time. Whenever and wherever you need Him to be.

That is where I have it wrong about showers. God can always meet you where you are. 

Psalms 46

“God is our safe place and our strength. He is always our help when we are in trouble. 2 So we will not be afraid…”

Don't wait.

You can reach him at any moment in time.

Challenge: Create a prayer journal.

If something has been tugging at your heart: Pray about it, write it down, and wait.

I have a prayer journal and when I look back at old prayers I check off all the prayers that has been answered as time goes on.



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